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Sunsets of Palawan

The famous author Bill Bryson once said “The greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time.” Nowhere did I find this to be more true than the time I explored the Palawn Province of the Philippines. My trip to Palawan changed me in a way that’s difficult to describe. Nearly everything I encountered seemed to be out of this world, including the friendly locals and the magical sunsets.


Simple everyday interactions and events were amplified by the untouched nature of the region and its genuine people. There was a magic in the air that is hard to define. From pristine beaches to untouched coral reefs, Palawan is, for me, a timeless destination. It’s a place where everyday things truly are experienced. Something as simple as a sunset in Palawan can bring a wealth of emotion and imagination and bring to life the earlier quote.


The stunning sunsets alone are well worth the flight to Palawan. Each day at dusk, the skies are transformed into magnificent canvases of color. No two sunsets are ever the same in the Philippines, as I noticed during an island hopping adventure from Coron to EL Nido.


Living in a city like Hong Kong, something as simple as the Sun’s movements become totally irrelevant to daily life and, as with most things, it isn’t until you find it again that you realize what you have been missing. It truly brings about a sense of jealousy aimed at the people who get to appreciate the transition every day.


My fondest memories of Palawan were of sitting on the beach with a pineapple-rum filled coconut, watching the fisherman retire for the day as the dusky orange sky began to illuminate with the first dusting of stars.


Looking around the immediate area, you find people sharing the scene, local youths playing football on the beach, couples lying in hammocks, cooling off from the days excursions. It’s a peaceful and relaxing vibe that makes you realize even more how vital traveling is to life.